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LiveSkipper virtual sailing player offers an AutoStart at the start of each new sailing race and also at the start/opening of a new challenge.

To make use of this AutoStart for new Sailing races, you just have to register for the race and before the official starting date/time, set either the heading or make a sail selection.
Your instructions for heading and sail, will be registered and wait till the Race officially starts and then be activated. This way Your Boat will start sailing in time and with the heading and sail you had selected.

The wiki explains this also: Auto Start


HOWEVER.......How to AutoStart in an on-going Race Question ........
What to do if the LS Sailing Race or Challenge has started some time back and still you want to start your boat at an agreed time; e.g. you have made your own race, or cruise with a group of LS skippers and want to use the AutoStart as well.

This is a little more difficult as normally your boat will start sailing with the next update after you touched the sails and or the heading of your Boat after registering new.

This is a description of a proven method to offer you an AutoStart in an on-going Sailing Race or Challenge.
- register your boat in a race or challenge or
- sail your boat to the desired Start location and put either the anchor as static anchor or put your heading with TWA = 0 zero, with gennaker and auto-heading: the dynamic anchor
- put the boat-heading on TWA= 0°, (this will not move the boat, the boat is "in irons")
- create a mark in this direction (TWA=0),
- engage “Auto heading”, (this will keep TWA= 0 and will keep your boat at its position)
- the mark will move in the same place as your boat's location, (don't worry your boat will not be damaged)
Optional but desirable: choose “My boat only” in the settings, (else you maybe cannot see the mark)
- select the mark and edit date/time like this “02.11 14:00” {this should be the agreed starting time} [keep the exact format Exclamation ]
- with the Mark1 activated, you have to set the heading and sail for the start at 02.11 14:00 gmt.
- After you set this mark and maybe more marks for your route, activate the purple Schedule mode.
Note: make a check, by
--activating your boat and check the heading TWA=0, boatspeed=0 and gennaker/spinaker on with auto-heading engaged
--click on Mark1 and check that the time setting is your desired starting date/time, the heading and sail selection is as you want to start the race.

- Your Boat will stay in this location, till the time set on Mark1 arrives. Then your instructions on heading and sail selection will be activated and Your Boat will start sailing in time , with your selected heading and sail.

This is only possible for the purple Scheduler; Don't use “Waypoints mode”; your boat may never arrive at Mark1 for the actual start.

There is also a Tutorial for auto-start during a race/challenge.

Note: the auto-start does NOT work for the Stay Sail on Trimarans without and anchor; for this boat type the Stay sail acts like an anchor. In this case you may sail the first 10 min on Auto Sail and with a next mark at 10min after the start, you select the optimal sail.

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