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Posted: Wed Sep 28, 2016 11:08 pm Reply with quote
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I wonder why boat polar data are not made more easily available to players.

I believe that it would help the game be more user-friendly.

Best regards,

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Posted: Thu Sep 29, 2016 7:34 am Reply with quote
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Hi Alexandre o/b Alexandria

1)the polar for the different Boats and Sails in LiveSkipper are shown on the Game screen. Just click the "polar" icon on the top almost to the right of the game screen.
a new window opens on left side of game screen showing the polars for the actual wind conditions at the location of your boat.
You can change the sail to see the effect and you can change the windspeed and or windanlge to see the effect.
this is a very effective usage of the polars to optimize your sailing .

2)Also you can have a very details information on the polars .
Go the race instructions for a sailing race. Under chapter B the first point B.1 there is mentioned the Boat that is used for this sailing race. Click on the blue name of the Boat and a new tab will open in your browser with the detailed polar data for that Boat.

3) there is also an easy visual representation in the LiveSkipper game of the results of polars.
Just click blue icon "Projections" in the top and make sure that the slider indicates more than 1 hrs till 24 hrs.
It is called Polar Projection, those curved lines around your boat with a 3 hrs interval tillmax 24 hrs. These lines indicated the disctance you can sail (with that boat and sail) in the direction as indicated. A very handy tool

4) You may also have a reading in our wiki and find a lot of information for the polars of different boats[]=polars

any other questions, we are happy to answer.

fair winds and safe sailing.

Ard-- ;
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