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Club members

Becoming part of a club

Players can be members of only one club at a time. A club's staff may invite any player to the club. Each invitation is valid for 7 days. You can see invitations you have received in your Clubs tab.

Each invitation indicates the inviting club, the date the invitation was sent on, and its expiration date. You may accept or reject it. If you reject it or wait until the expiration date, the invitation disappears. If you accept it, you become member of the club.

Once member of the club, you may leave it at any time using the Quit button in the Clubs tab.

The clubs' internal rankings

Each boat engaged by a club member becomes attached to the club. This link can't be changed, even if the player leaves the club afterwards. The boat will remain part of the club.

So please make sure that you are in the intended club before entering a race.

Boats' performance may then be tracked in dedicated rankings within the club. These rankings are available through the Rankings button on the club's page.

Club founders

Creating a club

You have to be a Member to be able to create and manage a club.
You also have to have no club. In your Clubs tab, you should see a Create club button. When hitting it, you will have to enter a name and a short description for your club. Once confirmed, your club will be created. You will then have access to several actions in your Clubs tab.

Inviting other players

You can issue invitation to any player. Including players who are not Member, and including to people who are already in a club. Please note however, that the number of people in a club is limited. You may only have 20 people at the same time in a club, including the founder.

Invitations are also limited, so that the number of invitations and the number of people in the club can not be higher than 20. So use your invitations wisely. Please also note that although you can send invitations to people already in a club, those people can't accept them while in their club. They will have to leave it first, then accept you invitation.

Kicking players out

As the manager of the club, you may force a player out of your club. Use the Manage users button in your Clubs tab to do so and use the Kick option on a given club member.

Editing your club's information

Using the Edit club details button, you may change your club's description and set a club flag.

The flag is currently a 32 pixel wide and 24 pixel high PNG image. You must upload it from your computer using the form obtained by clicking on the flag icon in the edition panel. Please note that PNG images support transparency, so feel free to use it if you prefer a squared, circular or triangular flag.

(Club flags are now limited to 32x24 pixels, but it is planned to extend this size soon.)

Giving up your manager status

You may give up your manager status and give it to another member of the club. This is useful if you intend to be away for a long time for example, or if you stop playing but want your club to stay alive. Use the Manage users button in your Clubs tab to do so and use the Set as manager option on a given club member.

Keep in mind that the player receiving the manager status will have access to the management options only if he/she is a Member.

Once you give up your manager status, the player receiving it becomes the new manager, and you can't get back your status except if that new manager gives his/her status back to you.

(To be continued.)

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Now the Wiki is available and gives also a lot of information on Clubs,

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