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Posted: Sun Aug 14, 2011 1:30 am Reply with quote
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A lot of discussions lately on the issue of pixel jumping.
I think it is about a year ago, that Marie Celeste (if I am right) in the Arctic waters was able to jump two pixels that were almost touching with the corners.
An exploration deep into the interiors of the Amazon river and its tributaries by Billf showed that LS allows to sail the narrow rivers. Also where the river-banks come close together and pixels seem to touch each other, he managed to sail through.

This brought the science of Pixel-jumping into the attention of a group of weird sailors exploring the seas, rivers, ice shelves and what you have all.

Some summary of this knowledge will be tried to explain in this topic, which in the bottom give some links to reference materials.

The first recorded proof of pixel jumping (if I am right) is from Billf
billf wrote:
post of 30Sep2010
Update From The Amazon

I wanted to share something that I had suspected, but finally just had a need to try out, that might come in handy for others navigating very tight spots in rivers and passageways.

Not all shoreline pixels are created equally that I mean that just because a passage looks impassable, you still may be able to get through if you zoom in and get it just right.
** Exhibit A (from deep in the Amazon) **

Again I thought it was worth sharing for anyone else trying close quarters sailing, and learning this opens up a new branch off the Amazon that I thought was impassable that I will reach in 3-4 days.

When two pixels touch at their corners, there are three possibilities for either side of the pixels:
1- One side LAND and other side LAND
2- One side LAND and other side WATER

3- One side WATER and other side WATER

want to give it a try Question here are the coord: N50d29' W128d02'

Answer 1:
your boat in LS can NOT sail on either side of the pixel pair, so Pixel-Jumping can NOT be done.
see top most arrow in example

Answer 2:
Your boat will be sailing on the water side of the pixel pair. The pixel-jump is NOT possible, as a boat (not even in LiveSkipper) cannot sail on land.
see right most arrows in example

Answer 3:
This is the only pixel-pair with adjacent water-pixels that will allow you a pixel-jump. see left most arrows in example
However to succeed, you have to steer exactly in the (almost-) touching point of the pixel-pair to find the opening. Training and exercise will hone your skills in this.
The best is to approach the pixels under 45degree angle. You will have to zoom in to the maximum to make sure your heading is straight in the slight opening where the pixels seem to touch; engage the estimated path in the Setting menu in Beta.
note: both Windows and Apple O.S. have magnifier available. for Window you can find it under: All Programs, Accessoires, Accessibility, Magnifier.

This is all you have to know. If you want to read a little more see some links to posts that have explored , explained the pixel jumping:

Ard-- ;
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excellent & well done

thanks for putting all this together


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