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«The Friday Race S19 - 24 : Auckland» instructions

  • A. Race Description

    • 1. «The Friday Race S19 - 24 : Auckland» is a competitor’s race (a race between boats of the same class starting at a previously specified time). Final ranking is made according to the finishing order of competitors the winner is the first boat to cross the finish line having sailed the course correctly and final ranking will be made on the finishing order of the competitors not on the basis of the time elapsed completing the course.
    • 2. «The Friday Race S19 - 24 : Auckland» will start at 16:00:00 GMT on Friday March 01 2019.
    • 3. The start line has closed on Saturday June 01 2019.
    • 4. «The Friday Race S19 - 24 : Auckland» has a difficulty rating of 1.
  • B. General Instructions

    • 1. Competitors will compete in virtual AC72 class boats.
    • 2. To complete the race, competitors must pass through all race gates in the correct manner and order. Competitors must also pass the Ice Gate correctly (see section Start, Race Gates and Finish for more details)
    • 3. There are no restrictions on the way for to take to link up two gates.
    • 4. Each gate is validated when a competitor’s boat cuts the line linking the two gate buoys. (In the game viewer the gate’s color will change from green to red once validated).
    • 5. If a competitor has finished the race, his/her race rank will be saved in the(Top Ranking).
    • 6. All LiveSkipper times are UTC (GMT).
    • 7. Race registration will open on Friday March 01 2019 at 16:00:00 GMT.
    • 8. Competitors must register to take part in the race.
    • 9. By completing the registration process competitors agree to abide by the rules (laid out here) and the decisions of the race committee (see section Race Committee).
    • 10. «The Friday Race S19 - 24 : Auckland» will start at 16:00:00 GMT, Friday March 01 2019.
    • 11. No adjustment will be made for starting after the official start time – it is entirely the responsibility of the competitor to be present at the start at the correct time, or to choose to start after the official start time.
  • C. Concerning missed gates

    • 1. It is a competitor’s responsibility to ensure that all gates are passed correctly. A competitor who has missed a gate has the option to return to it and pass through it correctly to validate the gate.
    • 2. Where it can be shown that a competitor passed through a gate and for some reason the gate did not validate itself, manual validation is possible by request.
    • 3. Any competitor who completes the course without validating all of the gates will not be given a final ranking for the race.
  • D. Start, Race Gates and Finish

    • 1. Start point (A) : Bluff ==> 46°38′42.00″S / 168°20′24.00″E
    • 2. To be validated:
      Gate NameBuoy 1 (Lat/Long)Buoy 2 (Lat/Long)Passed
      Race Gate (B)Christchurch43°54′0.00″S / 177°24′0.00″E43°34′12.00″S / 172°51′36.00″ESouth -> North
      Race Gate (C)Cook Strait40°39′54.00″S / 175°8′42.00″E40°39′54.00″S / 174°0′0.00″ESouth -> North
      Race Gate (D)Cap Reinga34°25′30.00″S / 172°42′0.00″E34°7′48.00″S / 172°9′36.00″ESouthwest -> Northeast
      Finish (E)Auckland36°32′24.00″S / 175°2′24.00″E36°33′36.00″S / 175°12′0.00″ENorth -> South
  • E. Race Committee

    • 1. Any decision by the race committee is final and binding.
    • 2. The race committee for «The Friday Race S19 - 24 : Auckland» will be:
      • Race Director : Charles-Edouard Ray (BeTomorrow)
      • Race Administrator : Romain Lagorsse (BeTomorrow)
  • F. Weather

    • 1. The weather applied to the boats is updated in the game every 3 hours, 24 hours-a-day on the following schedule: 06:00 UTC – 09:00 UTC – 12:00 UTC – 15:00 UTC – 18:00 UTC – 21:00 UTC – 00:00 UTC – 03:00 UTC.
    • 2. The weather is downloaded from the NOAA's website every 6 hours, and applied to the forecasts in the game at around: 04:50 UTC, 10:50 UTC, 16:50 UTC and 22:50 UTC. These updates do not modify the current weather applied to boats.
    • 3. The weather forecasts can be directly downloaded from the game webpage, in particular on the race page. It is a GRIB1 file which can be read by Ugrib, Viperfish, zyGrib, or any other reader of GRIB1 files.
  • G. Documentations

  • H. Contacts

    • 1. Competitors can contact their SuperSkipper or the LiveSkipper administrators by mean of the public forum. The LiveSkipper administrators can also be contacted by using the “Contact us” tab on the LiveSkipper homepage.

      Good luck to all who take part in «The Friday Race S19 - 24 : Auckland» !

      The LiveSkipper Team.