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Welcome to LiveSkipper Wiki!

If you're looking for help about LiveSkipper, this is the right place! This wiki is the main source of information about LiveSkipper. You may also check out the forums, or if you don't find answers to your questions, you may also put a question in the Forum or send a Private Message(PM) to the SuperSkippers of the corresponding language. Or you may contact us directly.

New to LiveSkipper?

LiveSkipper is a massive multiplayer online sailing game. Aboard your sailing boat, you'll be able to challenge thousands of players in weather conditions based on real weather data and -forecasts. Whether you like competing in Sailing Races or chasing time records in Challenges or sail in leisure Cruises, LiveSkipper offers virtual race styles for everyone.

We suggest you to follow the quickstart guide to register to LiveSkipper for free, in a matter of minutes. To find your way in this Virtual Sailing Game it may help you see the Tutorials or to have a look at the Comfort Mode chapter of this Wiki. Once more comfortable with the game, feel free to check out the other sections of the wiki and the Adept players mode.

For the Adept mode a Tutorial is available, be it with French spoken language. It gives in some 16 minutes a fair view on how to sail in LiveSkipper.

Continue to the quickstart guide.

How to Use LiveSkipper Wiki

Selection of Language

In the left hand top of the opening screen are 3 Flags that represent the languages English, Spanish and French. Click on the Flag of your preferred language.

Finding a Subject

On the left side of the Opening screen a sidebar offers the names of some Chapters. Select the one which logically would include your subject of interest and click on it. For the larger Chapters a new content of the Sidebar will appear or a page will open on the smaller subjects. Any orange text indicates a link to a new page, which can be called for by just one mouse click. Also in the text on some keywords, links are included to bring you to a detailed description of the subject. For finding a new subject or maybe your way back, the best is to use the Sidebar entries or Back to Top links.
And, if your get lost in this Wiki, click on Home in the Sidebar to see the whole list of Content.

Searches to a special keyword, can be made in the Search field in the top left side on the Wiki pages.
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Different Languages

This is the English wiki. However you may turn to the French or Spanish version if those languages suit you better. Feel free to contact us if you want to help us with the English version.

We try to keep the same content in all language versions, however, some small difference in content can exist.

Want to contribute to LiveSkipper Wiki?

Thank You. A wiki is just about that. Contributions by many, who can contribute to improve the content of this Wiki. For uniformity on the LiveSkipper Wiki, please read these LiveSkipper wiki-guidelines before contributing.

If you are a little uncertain to work in Wiki, and you fear to delete a wiki page by accident, than you may try it out on the Playground. Once you know how to work on a Wiki, feel free to improve the information with your experience, alternative send your proposals and improvement to your Super Skipper.

For more detailed syntax on Wiki See .

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