LiveSkipper offers a signature service in the form of a dynamic image with information on your LiveSkipper account. The signature includes your best ranking on a race in LiveSkipper, your ranking on the race being put forward on LiveSkipper, and the number of races and challenges you have participated in. This information is updated every 10 minutes. As this is an image, you can include it in your signature on your forum posts, be it in LiveSkipper, or in other forums you frequent, to share your experience with LiveSkipper virtual sailing.

A signature that can be selected at the bottom of your posts


How to get the URL for your account

Go to the menu, Forums , then choose the submenu profile . On this page you will see your signature image with the URL shown below it.

How to add your signature on forums

On this same page under the URL you can also see a box labelled BBCode. The contents of this block can be used on most forums, including the LiveSkipper. To add it to your auto signature on the forums, first copy the entire contents. Just above your image, the area Signature contains your Signature for forums. You just have to paste the contents that you copied in the block signature . Finally, check in Preferences further down the page that the option Always attach my signature is set to Yes .


Signatures are only available in English at this time.

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