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Can I make a new Topic?

Yes, every LiveSkipper player can visit the Forum and make his/her own new Topic or reply on existing Posts. Please make your new topic in the suitable Main Topic.

Can I make a new Main Topic?

No, the Main Topics are made by the Moderators. You can only select a suitable Main Topic and within it add your own Topic.

How to load an Image in a post

To load an Image in Your post is only possible if the Image is available in a Public server. Take its URL and write that in between the Img codes into your post. Have a preview to check it is showing correct before you submit.

How to load a link in a post

To load a link to a document on internet or an image on internet in your post, you have to copy the URL and paste it in your post. Normally the standard URL will be recognized and will appear as URL in your post. To be sure of this, you can place your URL in between the codes for URL. Have a preview to check it is showing correct before you submit.
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How to make a quote?

You start with the post that you want to quote from. Click the quote button in the top right side of the post. A new window with the quoted text will open. You can delete those parts that are not relevant for your quote and you can outside the quotation codes type some additional text or add links and images. If the post is correct, you may preview it and Submit it.
Another method is, after you have typed your post, to highlight the text that you like to quote and click the Quote icon; this last method however does not show the skipper-name of the quote.

How to show my local time in posts?

The date and time stamp on top of the posts in the LiveSkipper Forum are related to the Timezone setting of your computer. So set the timezone in your computer for your local timezone and the time mentioned in the posts will be your local time.

How to show a Flag?

You will have to mention your location in your Profile, under the menu FORUMS. The National Flag will be shown in the Posts.

What is a Poll for?

The Forum offers the option of adding a Poll in your new Topic. This is for discussions that do not lead to consensus and where you can ask the players to vote for one or the other opinion. The results of a Poll can be use to decide how to continue.

Error can not post so quickly?

You must by a major contributor in the Forum. This error message appears when you just have entered a post and too quickly want to post the next one.
Take care: If you close the tab, you will loose your text for the new post. The best is to push the Return button in your browser, this will bring you previously typed post back on the screen. Then wait some minutes and try again.

Error Forum does not exist?

This message appears mostly when you have opened the forum for a long time. If after a long time (more than 1 -2 hours) you finish your post and try to enter it, it could happen that the link with the forum is lost.
Best is to save your typed text temporary, e.g. in Notepad on your desktop. Now you can click the return button of your browser to get your post back on the screen. Just try again to submit. Sometimes a message appears that you have to re-submit. This is good sign, because a resubmit will now accept your post.

I miss button //PostReply//

Sometimes a Topic is locked by the Moderators. The button PostReply is than replaced by the Locked button. You cannot add a new post to this topic anymore.

How can I delete my Post?

If you want to delete your Post after is has been publish, you can click the delete button ( x ) in the top right corner of your post. A 2nd window will ask your confirmation, click Yes and your Post is gone.

How can I change, improve my Post?

You can change your Post, add, delete text, images, links by clicking the “Edit” button in the top right corner of your Post. After you have made your changes, you have to click “Submit” button to enter your changed Post in the Forum. .

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Can I read only my own language chatroom?

You can read the chats in all common language chat-rooms i.e. the 3 language chat-rooms. It is very much appreciated if you post chats in the Language chat-rooms only in the correct language.

For Club-chatrooms, You can read and write chats only in your own Club. For a direct chat in a private chatroom, You or your Friend have to open a chatroom by double clicking the name of the Player mentioned in right side.

How I know who is in the chatroom?

a real confirmation of some other player in a chatroom is when you see a chat from him/her. On the right side of the chatroom, you will see a list of Players that are on-line in the same race, but that is not an indication for activity in the chatroom.

Why I get error message "you are logged in already"?

The chatroom allows only one instance of log-in to the chatroom by one player. This error messages informs you that you (log in username in LiveSkipper) are already in the chatroom. This can happen if you open the same Race on two computers, or two browsers on one computer or for Flagships if another club-member is sailing the Club Flagship and has already log-in the Chatroom.
Remedie: close the other log-in and you will be allowed to connect.

If I sail two Races, can I open two Chatrooms?

Yes, each Race has its own chatroom. So if you are sailing simultaneously in two Races, you can open a Chatroom for each of the Races.

For Club-Chatroom it looks same in every Race?

Indeed. For club members, the advantage is that in one chatroom they can chat with their club-members and see those comments in every race.

Where is the chatroom?

The chatroom is located in the Game screen but below it. However, it will not show when you have engaged the Full-screen option.
Reduce the Game screen and you will see the Chatroom, below.

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Private Message

How secure is PM?

A Private Message is a method to send a message from your computer to the computer of the addressee via LiveSkipper server. It is as secure as long as your password for LiveSkipper is secure. The messages are not encrypted.

How can I know my Message is read?

Private messages that you Submit are send and also filed in your Outbox, till such time that the Addressee opens your message. The moment your message is opened, the one filed in your Outbox will move to your Sendbox; this is a signal for you that your message is opened. Whether your message is read is however still a little bid a question?

Can I still edit my message after submitting?

You can, but only as long as the message sits in the Outbox and is not opened by the addressee.
You search the PM in the Outbox and click on the message title. A window opens with a Edit button. After editing you have to submit the PM again.

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