You may discover LiveSkipper and start playing in a matter of minutes. Follow these three steps to start sailing on your virtual boat. You will have all the time to explore the game and meet other players afterward.

After the registration process is finished, you will like to start right away. Here is a link to a Tutorial for a quick starter

In order to Play LiveSkipper you will need a computer or a notebook of average specificatioins, an App. is available for iPhone, be it that the features are limited. Many of the latest tablets are able to play LiveSkipper, provided the tablet can handle the flashplayer and of course the screen is still small. As software you need a modern browser, preferred latest version (most of the bigger browsers work fine: Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, …) and the latest version of Adobe Flashplayer.

And with some dedication, who knows, YOU might sail in the lead of the whole fleet, LiveSkipper Sailing Race to Goa

Have a look how a complete LiveSkipper Race is sailed Vendée-Saint Petersbourg Race

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