Step 2: Join a race

Logging in

Once your account created, you may log into LiveSkipper. The login form is at the top left corner of the page.

Enter your username and password, then click on Login

Choose a race

It's time to join your first race! Once opened LiveSkipper, the Home page will announce some active Racesand/or Challenges already.  LiveSkipper Home Page A click on one of them will bring you to the registration for that race.

An Alternative method for if your preferred race is not in the Home page and which is always successful to show all active Sailing races and challenges. Click on the GAME menu at the top of the page to display a list of all the races currently available on LiveSkipper.

The Game menu brings to the race list

Once you've found the race of your choice, use the Join button to enter it. You may check the course of any race by clicking on the race name. Please note that there are different types of race.

Click the __Join__ button to enter a race
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A screen then appears asking you for a category to choose. Categories are aimed at more experienced players but have no direct impact on the game. Keep the default option and confirm.

Choose your Category and click on Join the race!

Router: none of the LiveSkipper navigation tools are considered routers. Routers are considered 3rd party software, that will calculate for you the optimal route using the wind info obtained from the internet.

Your boat is then created and the game loading screen appears.

xThe game will start momentarily

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