Cookies and Data Policy

The LiveSkipper web site and the third party services it relies on use cookies to identify you and provide their functions. Cookies are small text files stored on your device when visiting a website or looking at an ad, used to collect information linked to your navigation on web sites, to identify you for security reasons, or to personalize a service. Cookies are managed by your web browser.

We also share information about your use of our site with our social networks, advertising and analytics partners who may combine it with other information you've provided to them or they've collected from your use of their services.

Review and configure your choice, or see below for more details.

Cookies and third party services


Those are cookies handled directly by LiveSkipper, they are used to provide necessary functions to use LiveSkipper, to identify you to the components of the LiveSkipper service without having to login again on every access, or to customize the service for you in an essential way, like storing the language of the interface or storing your cookie consent settings.

Third party services

Those cookies are handled by other companies (e.g. ad agencies, analytics services, other external services), and may be used to identify you among other visitors, to keep track of an external identity like social networks, to target and personalize ads, or for security verifications with payment services.

Necessary cookies: those cookies are directly linked to an important function for which LiveSkipper relies on a third party. This currently includes cookies set by our payment services Stripe and PayPal for security and fraud protection, as well as the non personally identifiable cookie set up by our CDN provider CloudFlare to identify trusted traffic.

Analytics: those cookies are linked to the Google Analytics service used on LiveSkipper. Those cookies are used to identify you and analyze the use of the web site to better understand how LiveSkipper is used and to enable us to improve the service for our users.

You may learn more about our analytics partners here:

Social networks: social network buttons are used on this web site to easily share your experience on Twitter and Facebook. Those buttons may use identification techniques to collect data about your navigation, and their network can use this information to qualify your profile for ad targeting or other use on its services.

You may learn more about our social networks partners here:

Advertising: LiveSkipper uses an advertising service, Double Click (by Google), to provide and display ads to our users in the free tier. This ad service is configured to not use any cookie to identify you.

You may learn more about our advertising partners here:

Service settings

We provide you with a way to customize your settings for the third party services that can use cookies to identify you. Please note that you can loose functionality by disabling them.

Review and adjust settings for services.

Browser settings

Cookies being handled by your browser, you may change its settings to accept, refuse, see or delete cookies. This procedure depends on the browser you are using and which kind of restriction you want to apply. Please note that this may disable or break some features.

Check your browser documentation: