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LiveSkipper is an online sailing game where you can test your strategic skills against thousands of other skippers.

Refine your strategy race after race, thanks to the navigation tools, your experience, your weather forecast analysis, and improve while playing with the best virtual sailors.

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Sail the virtual way

With LiveSkipper, you sail on a virtual boat. Set your boat's heading and sail based on the wind, plot your route to cross the successive gates and reach the finish line as fast as possible.

Refine your strategy

The high-precision weather, the 7-day forecast, the performances of the boats, let's not forget the thousands of other skippers will put your strategy to the test.

The powerful navigation tools available in the game will provide essential information, but you will be the one responsible for making the decisions that will give you an edge.

Challenge real skippers

Weather conditions, boat performances, as well as embedding the tracking of actual athletes within the game all participate in gathering real and virtual worlds.

With its patented technology, LiveSkipper is a pioneering game when it comes to blending reality and the virtual.

Try different setups

Face other skippers head to head in regattas or try to break the best time record on challenges.

Master the different boats and their specific performances on the many courses available. From a few hours to several weeks of sailing, find the format that fits you the best.

Join the community

Passionate and dynamic, the community around LiveSkipper gathers tens of thousands of players, from virtual sailing beginners to seasoned seadogs.

Several communication channels are available to foster discussions and ties between players: forums, chat rooms, messages, wiki, clubs...

Play on iPhone

Play LiveSkipper from your iPhone. Follow all your races, all your boats, and adjust your settings even on the go.

The application is optimized for the Retina display, and is available in both free version and premium version.

Play for free

You can play for as long as you wish without paying. With LiveSkipper, fairness is king. You have access to all the sails on your boat, as well as to the powerful navigation tools, even if you don't pay.

Members with a subscription get additional features to enjoy their favorite game even more without stacking the deck against other skippers.

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