The Sailing Game

Navigation is the central part of LiveSkipper, and it is important to know its basics to be able to play with the best results. Two game modes are available for playing: the Comfort Mode , that helps you to take control of the game, while the Adept Mode allows more experienced players to push their boat to the limit.

Each Race offers a Route to follow and the various Gates, that have to be validated properly. You must take into account the wind and its forecasts to put the odds on your side, and of course avoid a stranding. The projections shown in the game give you a good overview of the options available to you and help you make the right choice of Route and Sail type . Other tools are available to help you refine your strategy: the Ruler allows you to estimate your route on a fine course and allows a scheduled route using Marks (WayPoints; WP). This Route can be used to estimate a travel time, but also to automatically sail your Boat when you're not playing at the computer.

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