The principle of a wiki is that many readers are able to help improve the wiki by additions, improvements and corrections. Here is a list of guidelines to use when contributing to this LiveSkipper wiki. In order to stay consistent, please apply them when adding or modifying content.

Typographic conventions

  • Button: button and link names are underlined
  • Menu: menu and sub-menu names are bold and underlined
  • specific wording: wording specifically for the game or website are bold
  • game component: game essential components or concepts are italic

Naming conventions

Web site

  • Entries in the top series of menus are called menus (Home, Game, Forums)
  • Entries in the lower series of menus are called sub-menus (Races & Challenges, Ranking)


Try to structure content, using a hierarchy, to make it easier to read and browse, as well as easier to search. Avoid huge paragraphs or articles.

Link between subjects

Try not to duplicate subjects, rather link to an existing subject.


Screenshots and pictures must be clear and readable.

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